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SuperMechs is an online flash game that is becoming very popular among many people in the world. It is a game that has been developed with a lot of dexterity to ensure that you are well entertained. SuperMechs is a game that can be played without any difficulties by any person (both amateur game players and hardcore game players). The game features some of the most attractive themes and music tones that are fascinating.

SuperMechs is a strategy game that is free to play. You just play it online without any form of a download just visit our fansite and enjoy this incredible online game. If you love action and strategy games, this is the game that will keep you glued to your PC. The primary objective in the gameplay is to hit your opponents until their HP is reduced to zero. If you are not quick to reduce it to zero, they will also reduce you HP to zero. The game is played in turns, where you get a turn and your opponent gets a turn too.

When playing, your personal actions are represented in the game’s interface by some green circles. These rings are located next to you individual Mech status. Within the gameplay, each of the opponents is given two action points that give you room to make choices and when all your action points are depleted it becomes your opponent’s turn. For you to win in the SuperMechs game, you will be required your choices with a lot of carefulness to ensure that you destroy your opponent before he does so to you.


SuperMechs can be played in two main modes:

1) Single-Player / Campaign Modes.
2) Multiplayer Mode.

“The Campaign Mode” is divided into Mech levels that are further subdivided into three sublevels of difficulty namely; “The Normal, Hard and the Insane”. You can only advance to the next mech level after you complete all the sublevels of difficulty in the previous challenge. In this mode, you will always get the first turn even if your opponent’s mech is stronger than yours. In the single player mode, you will only enjoy credit rewards and some experience. It will never improve your rank position.

“The Multiplayer Mode” is much fun because you will be able to play against opponents from all over the world. You can make your mech one of the most deadly and destructive and use it against other SuperMechs players from all over the world. In this mode, you also get the unique chance of climbing the ranks and also chat with other game players. You can also visit the shops and the workshops where you can view some of the replay archives! You can decide to choose an opponent by yourself, or you can allow the game’s servers to match you with another player.

As you understand this is the best way to spend a good time with you friends or may be alone. In any case this is one of the most best multiplayer games which will realy make you fall in love. A variety amount of levels in Single-Player mode and a plenty amounts of servers all over the world in Multiplayer mode makes SuperMechs an undoubted winner, in such game series.

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